Turnkey Facility Setup
Sega Solar offers turnkey facility setup to be able to accomplish successful solar energy projects, system design, material supply, field setup, Tedaş approval including operating and maintanence.

Project & Engineering Service
Sega Solar, with experience and expert stuff, provides engineering , projection, and TEDAŞ approval services for our costumers with professional consciousness for solar energy power plant.

Scada / Automation Systems
We offer you GES energy scada, automation system solutions to be able keep track of solar power plants, to save the data, to control them. We provide Scada/automation solutions with our group company PRIZMA GRUP OTOMASYON and with our software engineers.

Mid Voltage system Design and Setup
Sega Solar, works with leading local and international producers, providing solar energy mid voltage system cells and kiosks. We provide turnkey solutions about mid voltage cells and related concrete kiosks and provision distribution, setup and start ups.

Low Voltage Panel Solutions
Sega Solar provides solutions for low voltage switch system in Solar power plant, using ABB, ArTu, EAE, OR AGES panels. We take consideration criterias such as bus and cable edges, short circuit resistance capacity, heating value while we are designing panels that have ABB Quality and assurance.

Energy Transfer Lines
We provide engineering calculation for energy transfer lines, projection, TEDAŞ and distribution companies approval, material supply, montage and setup operations.

Maintenance and Service
Sega Solar, provides periodical maintenance service for its inverstors within the scope of the contract for the facilities that we setup and have TEDAŞ approval.We ,in case of any breakdown, resolve possible loss of production by interfering our technical stuff as soon as possible. After the expiration of a contract, we provide optional annual maintenance service with our professional stuff after periodic control.